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Established in 1993, J.M.Gemini is one of China's first independent recruitment and service companies. With branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, HongKong and Bangkok, we are well placed to cover all your China staffing needs.

Fully licensed by the Personnel Bureau in each city, J.M.Gemini's services of temporary and contract staff, permanent recruitment and executive search have been utilised by over 700 Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE's) in China's major cities, covering a wide range of industries.

We are specialized, but not limited to the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Heavy Industrial Equipment Mftg
  • Paper & Packaging Industries
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Companies
  • Audit/Insurance/Financial Institutions
  • Advertising/Media/PR Agencies
  • Transportation/Logistics/Shipping Companies
  • IT Industry
  • Mechanical/Electrical Equipment Mftg
  • Legal Profession
  • Chemical/Petro-Chemical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Building and Construction Industry
  • International Trading Companies
  • Retail/FMCG
  • Engineering and Many Others

Our experience, know-how and professionalism ensures quality service for our clients. Whatever your company's staffing needs, J.M. Gemini will always endeavour to fulfill your requirements.


J.M. Gemini has closely co-operated with many foreign invested companies, and has recruited well over 2,500 new employees for companies in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other major Chinese cities.

J.M. Gemini prides itself on our speedy, reliable and cost effective service  and also on the code of ethics we operate under, where once we have developed a working relationship with a client, their staff will not be vulnerable to any search activities by J.M. Gemini.


Over the years J. M. Gemini has built a solid reputation among foreign invested companies for providing highly qualified temporary staff from its pre-screened and constantly updated database.  Currently on average we are supplying 250 temporary/contract staff per day, ranging from clerical/admin staff through accounting, marketing, call centre staff to Finance and IT Professionals. All temporary staff supplied by J.M. Gemini on long-term (over one month) assignments, are eligible for the full Government related compensation and benefits scheme. We also calculate and pay their salary and deduct the Individual Income Tax on the staff's behalf.

  • Supplying professional temporary staff on short- term or long- term basis
  • Supplying J.M. Gemini contracted staff to companies unable to employ direct personnel
  • Temporary to Permanent Hire


J.M. Gemini Executive Search & Selection provides professional and efficient executive searches to clients in, but not limited to, Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Retailing, IT, Telecoms & Engineering, FMCG, Insurance and Apparel in China, Hong Kong and S.E. Asia.

J.M. Gemini Executive Consultants are adept at handling assignments for the following management functions: General Management, Sales & Marketing Directors, Business Development Executives, Financial Management, Logistics, Procurement and Merchandising, Information Technology, Project and Technical Management, Quality Assurance, Production and Engineering, Human Resources, Legal and other support management roles.

Executive Consultants are well versed in search and selection of individuals that possess the right skill sets for their clients in addition to working with an extensive proprietary computerized candidate database, comprising high calibre candidates worldwide, from a broad spectrum of business, industry and various professions. This tool is complemented by advertisements in print and electronic media and is key in the selection process.


J.M. Gemini can give you the option to outsource your payroll services, to allow staff to concentrate on more strategic tasks without getting bogged down on back-office duties.

Whether you are an established company or if your business is new to China, chances are you are still processing a lot of paperwork to keep your company running. Time and capacity to run everything smoothly can be a scarce resource.  J.M. Gemini can offer you a solution to your payroll dilemmas by providing an outsourced Payroll and Compensations & Benefits Administration service.  Our payroll applications can be adapted across all industry sectors, and positions, and we can also deal with multiple job roles at once.

We can take care of our clients' payroll issues in order to remove the difficulty in hiring staff. Outsourcing it to J.M. Gemini's experienced staff allows you to hand over the responsibility while it frees up valuable time so you can focus on areas such as setting up your business or developing new business.

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